FINAL: Habs 3 Rangers 0

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Adam’s Thoughts:

  • Another game where the Rangers struggle and struggle to create much offense. They had a nice first period, but the game fell apart for them in the second period. Some bounces went against them tonight, but they didn’t do enough to try and get bounces to go their way.
  • Injuries, as they with teams across the league, are taking their toll on the Rangers right now. They aren’t an excuse but depth was an issue when guys were healthy. It’s times like these where your big guys need to come through. It’s where Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik are supposed to take the team on their back. They aren’t doing that and it leaves the Rangers severely short handed.
  • The Rangers have a four game homestand coming up and that will take them to just about the half-way point of the season. I don’t like labeling things things “critical” or “must win” very often, but this is a pretty big stretch where the Rangers need to get their act together. The second half of the season is spent on the road and the Rangers, in seven games, have struggled mightily away from MSG.