Read: The Complaining About The Refs In The Caps Series

While on the Michael Kay Show and Mike Francessa show yesterday, John Tortorella spoke about how he felt the Capitals did a lot of complaining about penalties in their first round series against the Rangers and how the Rangers did the opposite in shutting up and just playing the game.

Tortorella said today that he felt a big reason why the Rangers were able to beat the Capitals was because the Capitals spent so much time whining and complaining.

After game one, where the Rangers took 5 penalties, they took:

  • 2 in game two
  • 3 in game three
  • 2 in game four
  • 2 in game five
  • 0 in game six
  • 2 in game seven.

The Capitals were given the following number of penalties in each game:

  • 4 in game one
  • 3 in game two
  • 6 in game three
  • 4 in game four
  • 4 in game five
  • 5 in game six
  • 2 in game seven

Capitals GM George McPhee said today, via Katie Carrera, that he doesn’t believe there is a conspiracy one way or the other, but that the officiating “it sure didn’t feel right.”

McPhee added, “we didn’t get many power plays during the series, I don’t know why. We had to kill too many penalties, I don’t know why. I didn’t think that part of the game from the league standpoint was all that good. I didn’t like the refereeing, but if you complain about it during the series and you’re accused of trying to gain an edge. If you complain about it after a series is over, then it’s whining and sour grapes.”

Alex Ovechkin told a Russian reporter yesterday that it seemed like there was a league conspiracy to get this series to at least game seven for HRR, ratings and because of the lockout that cost the NHL half of their season.