Read: Hard Work Will Bring The Ultimate Goal

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks spoke with Rangers captain Ryan Callahan who said that the team has put themselves into a position where, as long as they put in the work, the Rangers think the Stanley Cup is in each.

“The ultimate goal is to compete to win the Stanley Cup and I think we’ve put ourselves in position to be able to do that as long as we don’t lose sight of our day-to-day responsibility.”

Callahan said though that the team will continue to focus on one day at a time, but in the back of their mind they have loftier goals, “we need to focus on the day and game in front of us, but we’d like to win our division, we’d like to get home ice and overall we’d like to build on what we started last year, but ultimately didn’t finish.”

At ESPN NY, and throughout other interviews since the lockout ended, Henrik Lundqvist talked about how he feels this could be a special season for the Rangers, but only if they remember what made last year special.

He said, “we were working really hard every night, and even though we have some talented skill players, I think our biggest reason for success last year was the hard work. That has to continue.”

Brad Richards told the Post that the team shares the belief that they need to work even harder this season.