Poll: Will The Rangers Make The Playoffs?

Last night on MSG, Al Trautwig asked Dave Maloney flat out whether he thought the Rangers would make the playoffs.

Maloney said that he thinks that it will go down to the final day of the season and “something funky” like Tampa Bay beating Carolina two seasons ago may need to happen for the Rangers to get into the playoffs.

Maloney also notes that 11 of the Rangers final 17 games come against teams who are in the playoffs right now:

  • (R)Philadelphia
  • (R)Ottawa*
  • (R)Montreal*
  • (H) Winnipeg*
  • (H) Penguins* (R) Penguins* (Home and Home)
  • (R) Carolina**
  • (R) Toronto* (H) Toronto* (Home and Home)
  • (R) Islanders
  • (R) Philadelphia
  • (H) Florida
  • (R) Buffalo
  • (H) NJ*
  • (R) Florida
  • (R) Carolina**
  • (H) NJ*

Sports Club Stats gives the Rangers a 51.5% chance of making the playoffs and they would need a record of at least 10-7 to essentially guarantee a playoff spot.


  • R: Road Game
  • H: Home Game
  • *Playoff team
  • **Carolina is one point behind the Rangers and has one game in hand.