Buzz: The NHLPA Will Send Their Counterproposal On Tuesday

According to Katie Strang, the NHLPA is planning to send their counter proposal to the owners Tuesday when the two sides meet in Toronto.

She adds that the NHLPA made a presentation to the owners about the owners proposed revenue sharing system. On revenue sharing, Strang tweets “NHLPA’s concern is that players will bear brunt of revenue-sharing system with salary reductions”

The owners sent their first offer to the players on July 13th.

The key points in that proposal were

  • Reduce players hockey related revenues to 57% from 46%. (Each % point is a loss of $30 million for players)
  • 10 seasons in NHL before being UFA
  • Contract limits of FIVE YEARS.
  • no more salary arbitration
  • FIVE-YEAR entry level contracts instead of Three-Years.

The CBA expires on September 15th.