Recap: Henrik Lundqvist on MLB Network’s Hot Stove

HENRIK LundqvistHenrik Lundqvist was a guest on MLB Network’s Hot Stove this morning:

  • On the host calling him a superstar, “let’s calm down a bit.”
  • On playing at Yankee Stadium, “we are so excited, this is something we have been talking about for years. Ever since they started the outdoor games in the NHL guys have been talking about how cool it would be to play in NY and at Yankee Stadium. It’s something I have been looking forward to for years. It will be a great atmosphere and something that you will remember for the rest of your life.”

  • Ron Darling asks him if it will be harder to see the puck with the fans farther away from the boards, “I don’t know if it’s harder but it’s different. We get one practice in so you get used to it and we played outdoors in Philly and the lighting is a little different and when the sun is out there is a little glare on the ice so it was tougher but it’s something that you get used to when you are out there a little bit. The first half hour, hour or so it’s definitely something that you have to adjust to.”
  • On casual fans being interested in the outdoor games, “it’s a great thing and we are trying a bunch of different things to try and grow the sport and this is one of them. People want to watch hockey but they also want to take in the atmosphere and everything. Playing in Philly, that game was such a great memory for me and now getting to play in NY will be even better. Even if you don’t love hockey you will still have a great time because of the atmosphere and I think it’s pretty cool to play outside and with that many people watching. It’s great for the game.”
  • On his mask, “I had a design going and then I changed my mind. At first I didn’t have any Yankee flair to it but then I decided that I wanted to bring in and put some big time players that played a big part in Yankee history to salute them so we changed the design and I picked three guys that I think played a big part in their history. The Yankees, same with the Rangers, the organization has been around for so long that there are a lot of guys to pick from. I asked around a little bit just to make sure that I picked guys who really stuck out. I went with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio and I think three guys who will get a lot of votes when you ask Yankee fans who they think should be there.”
  • What will you do with the mask, “I think I will auction it off and raise money for Charity. Hopefully someone will bid on it and want that mask at home. I always want to keep at least one mask per year in my own collection but this mask is very special and it’s something that we can do something special with so we will auction it off after the series.”