Read: Are The Rangers Using Their Regular Logo For The Yankee Stadium Games?

3:57PM: The Islanders have announced that the final design for their jersey will be revealed in mid-December. It is likely that the Rangers will reveal their jersey around the same time.

2:06PM: The NHL has announced that every team is using a “chrome” logo that is based on each team’s regular logo.


They add that the jerseys for each game will be revealed in the coming weeks.

1:22PM: When the Rangers participated in the 2012 Winter Classic, the team usedWinter Classic Rangers a variation of their first logo on their jerseys and in all Winter Classic related instances where a logo was needed.

Today, the Islanders, announced that they will have a different logo and jersey for their Stadium Series game against the Rangers.

The Rangers have not made any announcements yet about their Yankee Stadium jerseys but a listing of a souvenir puck on ebay, which has the new Islanders logo, shows the Rangers using their traditional shield.

It is believed that the Rangers will wear new and different jerseys for their Yankee Stadium games.

Henrik Lundqvist may wear pads that have Yankee Pinstripes on them.