Read: Are The Rangers Going To Get New Jerseys For Yankee Stadium?

Winter8_1358599cl-8This season the Rangers will play the Islanders and Devils at Yankee Stadium and will be the road team in both games.

Back in June, Islanders GM Garth Snow, as noted by Icethetics, said that Islanders were focusing on creating a jersey to wear for the outdoor game against the Rangers on 1/29/14.

Snow said that the Isles jersey won’t be all that different from the current Islanders jerseys but that all teams who play in outdoor games use new uniforms.

The Penguins appeared in the 2008 and 2011 Winter Classic games and had a unique jersey for each game. The Red Wings are appearing in their second Winter Classic game this January and will be wearing a new uniform, different from the one they wore in 2009.

According to Henry, the Rangers website noted in a chat recently that they would have an alternate jersey for this game.

There is a press conference today at Yankee Stadium to discuss the game.