NOTE: Start of the game to be delayed because of glare from sun

12:43PM: Clouds are coming and conditions for the players should get better as the game goes on. (Stephanie Abrams)

12:41PM: Puck drop at 1:38PM (Doc Emrick)

Bill Daly with Pierre McGuire:

  • “when I got here an hour and a half ago we had a bright sunshine over first base, no clouds, we took a look at the Rangers defensive end in the first period and the sun was too bright and the glare was too much for it to be safe for the players.”
  • On the ice, “I think Dan Craig’s guys did a great job with the ice. We were worried about the far corners and the sun but now we are getting some cooperation form mother nature with a cloud bank rolling in.
  • “We want the players out on the ice at 1PM and we want the puck to drop at 1:35”

Events at Yankee Stadium will start at 12:50PM. (Gulitti)

12:33PM: Teams will take warmups at 1PM (Mike Morreale)

“I was just on the third-base side, and I wouldn’t want to a goaltender looking into that glare.” (Jeff Klein)

12:32PM: John Giannone says that the hope sis for a 1:45PM puck drop.

12:23PM: The feeling at the stadium is that the glare may not be too bad and they could start soon. (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

The end that has the glare is the one that Henrik Lundqvist will defend in the first and third period. (Katie Strang)

It is starting to cloud over the stadium (Tom Gulitti)

12:10PM: The NHL has announced that the start of the game at Yankee Stadium between the Rangers and Devils will be delayed an undetermined amount of time because of glare from the sun. (Rangers)

The glare from the sun has raised concerns about player safety (Zipay) and some players went out to the rink and said that it was not playable with the sun the way it is. (Gross)

The situation will be reassessed every half hour and the start of the game could be delayed until 2:30. (Tom Gulitti)


It's actually called home PLATE.

David Socolov
David Socolov

Better than having to play under the glare of Torts.


Maybe they'll score a grand slam.