Read/Buzz: Central Park Should Be Next, Philly A Front Runner For 2012

In the New York Post, Larry Brooks writes that the NHL should look at the idea of using Central Park as the venue for the Rangers to host the Winter Classic.

He suggests building the rink on Sheep’s Meadow with temporary stands of 20,000.

Brooks also writes that Citi Field isn’t “sexy enough” to hold the Winter Classic.

….Central Park is the best but most far fetched idea. This is all an idea from Brooks but it isn’t entirely fair to cut down attendance on this thing to 20,000. I know Rangers attendance is down 1.1% this season, but the Rangers could easily sell out a football stadium if there was one to play in. I still have to think there are a ton of other logistical things that would make Central Park very hard. Plans to use Central Park would already need to have been created before the NHL could ever pick it.

At CBC, Pierre LeBrun talked on Hockey Night In Canada that Philadelphia and Lincoln Financial Field is the leading candidate to host the 2012 Winter Classic.

Glen Healy though says that depending on where the NHL goes with their television contract next season, the game may not be on New Years day.

…I think the NHL wants the game on New Years day to add to it’s mystique, but maybe they make it the week between the Championship games and the Super Bowl. If that is the case, Yankee Stadium will get the game.

But, as I have written this past week, I think Philly will get a game very soon and they will play the Rangers in it.

Update: 9:22AM:

Scott Burnside of hops on the Rangers-Flyers bandwagon.