Note: Maybe The All-Star Game At Yankee Stadium? (Update)

Update: 9:56AM:

I think we have a winner. It is a multi-day event with the young stars game, the skills competition and then the game. It would give the league a great chance to showcase it’s players to a wide audience in a unique setting. The Rangers can hold Alumni games or fan skates there. It would take place about a month after the Pinstripe Bowl and still be a few months before the baseball season.

Maybe they take a year off from the Winter Classic and go with this to try it out, thus keeping the outdoor game as a once a year thing.

Update: 9:31AM: Trost, on WFAN, said:

We have been in discussions with the NHL and NBC for quite some time and we are trying to work it in such a way so that we can get hockey in Yankee Stadium. I don’t want to suggest that we would be moving the Pinstripe Bowl, but maybe it won’t be the Winter Classic.

Original Post:


I have been talking about this for a while now. The Rangers and Islanders can likely just play each other at Yankee Stadium if they can get some sponsors to help with paying for the costs of the construction and stuff. I think this is incredibly likely. Maybe the Rangers, Devils and Islanders all play each other one time at Yankee Stadium so that the rink isn’t just built for one game.