Buzz: Philadelphia Has A Shot At Next Years Winter Classic, Yankee Stadium Still In The Mix?

Update: 11:26AM: 2/23/11

Darren Dreger passes along a rumor saying that the Flyers are in contention for the Winter Classic. He also mentions a rumor suggesting the game could take place, against the Rangers, on January 2nd in Philly.

Original Post:

At CBC, Elliotte Friedman writes that the Philadelphia Flyers has a shot at hosting next years winter classic at either Beaver Stadium, where Penn State plays, or Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles play.

It was written in January that the Flyers were front runners for the Winter Classic next year. I wrote in December that I think it will be Rangers-Flyers at Lincoln Financial field next season.

Chris Botta wrote in December that it should be Rangers and Red Wings in Detroit.

It isn’t likely that a Winter Classic will be held at Citi Field and there are Pro’s and Con’s to Central Park.

…If it’s at the Linc I think it’s Rangers Flyers. Beaver Stadium, it has to be Flyers-Pens. I don’t think the league cares about putting the Pens in it as much as we do.

Also, and this is a little speculation right now, but I have heard a couple of rumblings that Yankee Stadium is still in the mix for the next Winter Classic and the opponent is likely to the Flyers or Bruins. From what I’ve heard the NHL will move the game to  Monday January 2nd, so they don’t compete with the NFL on Sunday. The bowl game at the stadium will be re-scheduled to work with Winter Classic. This may not happen, like all rumors, but I felt good enough with the info I was told to post it. Gary Bettman has also said that he thinks football stadiums work better for the Winter Classic.