Jeff Halpern on How Other Teams View The Rangers

Throughout last season, while the Rangers were in first place in the Eastern Conference, many of their opponents were asked what made the Rangers so tough to play against.

Devils goalie Johan Hedberg said of the Rangers, “They’re really playing as a team more than anything this year. For the forwards, you always have to keep an eye on where Gaborik and Richards are on the ice. They are the big guns who can turn a game around. It’s a team machine with a couple of highlight players who can take the game over in their favor. ”

Flyers coach Peter Laviolette said “Well, I think they’ve given lots of teams fits. We’ve taken our share. They’ve had a strong year. They’ve played well at home, played well on the road; that’s why they sit where they sit.”

Jeff Halpern, who played against the Rangers in the playoffs with the Capitals last season gave Ranger Rants a scouting report on his new team.

“The first thing is they’re a hard-working, grinding team. They’re going to play in your end quite a bit and put you on your heels. Before last year, I thought they were a good team but by signing Brad and Gaborik and now Rick Nash, it’s given the team some high-end talent that it needs to carry it. They’ll be an in-your-face team still but now we have the talent to put it away.”