Note: Ryan Callahan Will Make His Season Debut On Monday

Ryan Callahan

7:37PM:  From the Rangers website, Vigneault said that Callahan wanted to play last night but that holding him out until Monday gives him some more time to make sure everything is in perfect shape.

Callahan said that he feels good and didn’t want to return until he was 100%.

5:22PM: Alain Vigneault tells Pat Leonard of the Daily News that barring a setback, Ryan Callahan will make his season debut on Monday against the LA Kings.

Callahan had surgery to repair a torn-labrum on his shoulder at the end of May and didn’t play in any preseason games.

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Note: Official Rangers Injury Report

The Rangers have sent out their game notes for tomorrow’s season opener and under the injuries section they list both Carl Hagelin and Ryan Callahan as players on injured reserve.

Both players are on IR as of 9/30 and Callahan is listed as 2-4 weeks while Hagelin is listed as out indefinitely.

Hagelin has been placed on LTIR so he will miss the first 10 games of the season.

Callahan is officially out for tomorrow, players put on IR can’t return for a minimum of seven days after being placed on IR, but should be eligible to return on Monday against LA.

From the 2013 CBA on IR, “The Injured Reserve List is a category of the Reserve List. A Club may place a Player on the Injured Reserve List only if such Player is reasonably expected to be injured, ill or disabled and unable to perform his duties as a hockey Player for a minimum of seven (7) days from the onset of such injury, illness or disability.”

From the 2013 CBA on LTIR, “In the event that a Player on a Club becomes unfit to play (i.e., is injured, ill or disabled and unable to perform his duties as a hockey Player) such that the Club’s physician believes, in his or her opinion, that the Player, owing to either an injury or an illness, will be unfit to play for at least (i) twenty-four (24) calendar days and (ii) ten (10) NHL Regular Season games, and such Club desires to replace such Player, the Club may add an additional Player or Players to its Active Roster, and the replacement Player Salary and Bonuses of such additional Player(s) may increase the Club’s Averaged Club Salary to an amount up to and exceeding the Upper Limit, solely as, and to the extent and for the duration, set forth below. If, however, the League wishes to challenge the determination of a Club physician that a Player is unfit to play for purposes of the Bona-Fide Long-Term Injury/Illness Exception, the League and the NHLPA shall promptly confer and jointly select a neutral physician, who shall review the Club physician’s determination regarding the Player’s fitness to play.”


Buzz: Ryan Callahan Could Be Back Early Next Week

CallahanWhile Ryan Callahan will not play on Thursday against Phoenix, the NY Post reports that Callahan could be able to join the Rangers lineup starting with next Monday’s game against the Kings.

The Rangers then play against San Jose on Tuesday and Anaheim on Thursday.

Callahan has been cleared for contact but Alain Vigneault said that Callahan needs 1-2 weeks of taking contact to make sure that he is healthy and okay.

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Note: Ryan Callahan Is Ruling HImself Out For Thursday

5:06PM: Ryan Callahan told Carp at Rangers Report:

  • “I started contact three days ago, today was probably the most I have done. We are going to see how it reacts to that and as of now, I rule myself out for Thursday.”
  • On being far away, “It’s just to see how I feel day to day. I can’t give you guys an exact date. We will see how it goes with contact and how it reacts.”
  • “It’s been a long rehab and to get to the next step, the final step, it feels good to be bumping with the guys.
  • On shooting the puck, “it feels good but it’s going against Hank so it’s always a bust.”
  • On conditioning, it seems pretty good. We had a tough skate today so it’s definitely there.”
  • On Derek Stepan, “it’s good. He is a huge part of this team and the success we had last year. He is gonna do great things for us.”
  • On expectations for the team, “I think our big thing is getting better each game. There will be mistakes with the system, but we need to improve in our play and in our systems play as the year goes on.”

4:47PM: Alain Vigneault said today the at Hagelin is cleared for contact, conditioning is no issue but that the team wants to be sure that he is healthy.

4:12PM: Ryan Callahan told reporters today that he is pretty much ruling himself out for Thursday’s season opener in Phoenix.

Callahan has been taking contact but told the team’s twitter account “My shoulder feels really good, been taking contact here for a few days, but I don’t think I’ll play Thursday.”


Note: Carl Hagelin and Ryan Callahan Timetables

CallahanOn Leafs Lunch today on TSN, Ray Ferraro said that the Rangers think they are about two-and-a-half weeks away from Ryan Callahan returning to the lineup and about three-and-a-half-weeks away from Carl Hagelin returning.

Callahan has been cleared for contact bu Alain Vigneault ruled out Callahan playing in the Rangers opener in six days.

Hagelin is skating with Derek Stepan in New York and has not been cleared for contact yet.

Ferraro broadcasted the Rangers and Canucks on TSN last night.


News: Ryan Callahan Cleared For Contact

Ryan Callahan7:24AM: Alain Vigneault said after the loss to the Canucks that Callahan will not be ready for the opener next Thursday against Phoenix.

11:24PM: According to Joe Micheletti, Ryan Callahan has been cleared for contact.

Joe says that with Callahan being cleared for contact he may be available to play next Thursday when the Rangers open the season.


Read: The Status of Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin

Carl HagelinAccording to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, while neither Carl Hagelin or Ryan Callahan are likely to be able to start the season, Callahan is a couple of weeks ahead in his rehab and should be able to join the lineup sooner.

Brooks says that Hagelin will likely be placed on LTIR, thus giving the Rangers more space space for the time being, and won’t be available for the first 10 games and/or 24 days of the season.

Alain Vigneault said yesterday that Callahan is ahead of Hagelin in terms of shooting the puck but that both are coming along in their rehab.

Hagelin admitted on MSG last week that Callahan was likely ahead by a little bit.

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