Training Camp: Sangs Powers Through

Leslie Treff, of Hockey’s Future, writes today about Rangers prospect Bobby Sanguinetti and the problems he had with the 45 lap skate that John Tortorella was putting everyone through.

Sanguinetti had cramps in his legs and collapsed after he finished his sets.

Andrew Gross, of the Record, spoke to Sangs about it:

“I had no legs,” said Sanguinetti, who collapsed to the ice after both his second and third set of laps and grimaced through the skate, unable to crossover as he went behind the net and grabbing his thighs. “I blew them out on the first one and felt it on the second one. I thought, ‘This isn’t good.'”

“A lot of it is nerves,” Sanguinetti said. “You’re shaking and your heart is going. It was a long two days, I just pushed through it.

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