Recap: Some of Sam Rosen’s Comments on WFAN

Sam Rosen joined Joe and Evan on WFAN

  • On the too many men on the ice penalties, “Sam jokes that the players are just dying to get on the ice. You just sit there and scratch your head. I talked to John Giannone who said that there was some confusion with the linemen. It’s the players responsibility ti not jump on too soon. It’s something that the coaches need to stay on the players about.”
  • On balance, “I like it. You are looking at a team that has a more well rounded feel to it. They have added youth, speed, energy. I think Darroll Powe has been significant. He brings speed, he is a good penalty killer. Powe has some grit to his game. Suddenly that fourth line has a nice look to it. Stepan has played better the past few games.”
  • On the PK, “They went eight straight games giving up a PP goal. The Rangers PP has been dreadful, it’s hard to figure out. They pride themselves on the PK and the Rangers want to have that identity. When they are blocking shots and covering their men well it really shows. They have won three games in a row and they held the Bruins down with some good penalty killing.
  • Rick Nash: “What a great athlete he is. To see a guy his size, the agility with which he plays. I would say nearly every game he comes up with one move where your eyes get wide and you say ‘how did he do that?’He has great speed, he has great hands, he is the full package. When the puck starts going in for him fans are going to be really pleased with him.”

  • “It’s a more balanced team. They have more depth than they had last year. They had good players last year, but Dubinsky didn’t score goals and Anisimov would score here and there. They missed having a threat like Rick Nash who can score. They anticipate that down the road Chris Kreider will be an offensive threat. The Rangers expect Derek Stepan to be an big-time center. Ryan Callahan is a given. The addition of Nash gives the Rangers more depth offensively and I think they would be fine in an 82 game schedule. Last year they did wear down but that is because the offense was built around Gaborik and he got hurt in the playoffs.”
  • Home schedule, “Feb is an easy month schedule wise. There are rest days. March will be very tough and April will be very tough. One benefit the Rangers have is that travel is so easy. We leave the time zone once and that is to go to Winnipeg in March.”
  • On beating the Penguins, “it’s so cyclical. For a couple of seasons the Rangers did well and then it turned around. Rangers have a great record against the Bruins for the past few years.”