Recap: Ryan Callahan on ESPN Radio Talks Lockout “We Have To Play” and Expectations

Earlier today Ryan Callahan was a guest on 98.7 ESPN Radio with Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco:

  • Stephen A. Smith was reportedly really excited about the Rangers last season
  • Callahan says that the hardest part is not knowing the deal will be done a week from now or a month from now and that he needs to train and stay in shape and how “the hard part is coming off a year like last year, we are excited about this year, we had some new additions, looked really good and now the season is in limbo.”
  • On the level or urgency to get a deal done, Callahan says “we have to be urgent. We are at the point now where we are in jeopardy of losing the season and after the last lockout and the game grows and it’s on TV and now to have this stoppage will hurt us. You have to have a partner to negotiate with.”
  • Callahan says that everyone on the players side can voice their opinion but that isn’t the case with the owners
  • “something has to get done here”
  • On winning it all, Cally says “we like to think we have a good chance. I think Rick Nash is really going to help us out. We have high expectations of ourselves but you need to go out on the ice and do it.
  • On losing to the Devils, “they are divisional rivals. You know all those guys and it left a bit of a sour taste in your mouth.”
  • Stephen A. Smith starts yelling about the Giants and how they praised RGII and Callahan said “You gotta show your opponent respect but you need to have that hate for them. As an athlete you need to show respect but have that hatred and know that the more respect you give them the more they use it against you. You respect the opponent but you wanna have that fire in your belly to destroy them and beat them.”
  • Callahan says “we have to play”