Recap: Ryan Callahan on ABC 7

Last night, Ryan Callahan spoke with Laura Behnke of WABC.

  • On what he did during the lockout, “try to stay busy. I was training and working with my teammates in NY since we didn’t know when the lockout was going to lift. I had a baby girl during the playoffs so I was spending time with her and just waiting for this thing to get going.”
  • Callahan says that he, Marc Staal and Brad Richards were running drills over the past little while they couldn’t work with Torts. He said that they spent that time working on their conditioning and making sure they are in shape.
  • “The toughest thing will be no pre-season games but everyone is in the same boat. It’s going to be fun when we get going.”
  • On what he learned from last year, “we learned how hard it is to get there and how hard it is when you are there. It’s going to be an exciting year for Rangers hockey.”
  • “I think it was important that we made such a big run and a lot of the guys learned the ups and downs and how you need to stay even-keeled.”
  • On Rick Nash, “right away he has fit in in the room and I think that is a big thing. He meshes with the guys and going forward that will be important for us.
  • “We can be good. We need to continue like we did last year. We need to get better everyday and hopefully be competing at the end of June.