Recap: John Tortorella’s Press Conference Today

The following is a recap of John Tortorella’s press conference, where SNY had cameras, from earlier today:

  • “I don’t think you fill his role. I felt that in the third period when we were protecting the lead, it’s a very big part of his game. It comes through the team, team concept. Every team goes through injuries and filling those roles needs to be done as a group.”
  • “People get moved up. I’m not sure what the lines will be. You lose a top guy like that and it shuffles the line up and gives guys chances that they wouldn’t get if he was playing. I feel comfortable with us joining together as a team and trying to get it solved.”
  • On Nash shooting but not scoring, “I would like to see every one score goals but it doesn’t concern me.”
  • On the PK, “I thought the 5 on 3 was the most important part of our PK. Nash had a good stick. Halpy had a couple of chances. We want to get up the ice and be as busy as we can. We need to get better at being up the ice more and not being in our end zone.”

  • Nash on PK, “I asked him if he did that. You can’t look by his speed, reach, anticipation.”
  • On physical, “he needs to join in on that, that is a big part of our game. he sure has the body to do it and he has done a good job with it.”
  • On penalties, “The one they score on can’t happen. That is something we are constantly talking about and how quickly games change when you lose your discipline.”
  • On Nash taking on too much, “I don’t think so. The way I look at it, I don’t think players throughout the league are in top condition but the more players play the conditioning comes quicker. The minutes I am giving him he not only deserves, but I think it will help his conditioning as we get into the long run of this short season. He has played very well for us. For me, he is a guy that I am really encouraged how he plays away from the puck. He has been taught. He has had some pretty good coaches in Columbus and he has been taught and it’s really encouraging how he stepped in with us.”
  • On the PP, “The strong point of the goal is that people were moving without the puck. We weren’t stationary and that is very important for our power play”
  • On Matt Gilroy, “Gilly is versatile and that is why we wanted him back. He can do some different things and as you start running through some injuries and stuff like that. For a coaches point of view, to have a player who can play a lot of different positions is a really good thing.”
  • On leaders and losing cally, “We have developed the room. We have developed our identity. I think we are beginning to get closer and closer to that identity. How the room is conducted and how they accept responsibility and accountability is something that steps forward.