Recap: John Tortorella on the Bob Costas Show

  • On his press conferences being amusing, “it wasn’t amusing or annoying, I just felt that when you play a team for two weeks I am just not interested in giving a whole lot of information and that is the way I went about it, a lot of people have looked at it in different ways and listen I made some mistakes along the way where I thought I was disrespectful I wish I didn’t do it that way sometimes, but in my heart I am not giving away a whole lot of information in playoffs.
  • On what he would do differently in his press conferences, “I don’t know, I don’t come in rehearsed. It’s hard for me after games, I will admit that, to go in there and answer questions. I am not good at it. You have ten minutes to regroup and answer questions and I have a lot of things going on in my head about the game. I have never been good at it after games. So what would I do different? I don’t know because I am going to go in there and whatever happens, happens I guess. There is a long line of people coming after me because of this stuff and I am not saying that I did it the right way and I am not looking to disrespect people but I am not going to answer questions that they have the answer to. It’s to fill their blogs and their twitter accounts and I am not too interested in the social media, I am interested in the hockey club at that time and that is my total focus.

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  • On dealing with the media so that it doesn’t reflect poorly on the organization, “No question. Listen, I totally understand that these men and women have a job to do, I totally understand that and I have said that to a couple of people because this has kind of taken on a life of it’s own as far as whats happened. I have left a few of those media scrums after games and I have sat back and said ‘why the hell did you do that?’ It’s certainly not to try and hurt anybody so that is the way that I look at it. I am not trying to disrespect people but I will admit that there are some people in there that I have no respect for, but I still know they have to do their job. Hopefully along the way we will be able to give them some information along the way.”
  • On someone telling him to get a handle on this, “No one has really gotten to me. I don’t take back what I said, some of those people are idiots. I think sometimes there has to be an accountability from the reporters as far as how they present themselves and go about their business. So it’s easy to say I am sorry, but I am not sorry about a lot of things that I said, I just wish I handled it a bit better. I have some good friends there, I have been in the league a long time but there are a couple and I don’t take it back. No one has come to me and said to cool down. I don’t want to embarrass people but I can’t promise that I am not going to do it again because I am not rehearsed and I am not sure what is going to happen with my emotions. I think it’s one of my strongest traits as a coach and one of my evils as a coach is my emotion”
  • On him and Pierre talking about the power play, “I remember the interview on the bench, and to be honest, I am not crazy about those interviews on the bench. I think Pierre understands it better than some. There have been times where he was going to come on there and things were going wrong for us during that time of game and he decided not to. As far as the PP, I am not interested in throwing out that kind of info. I understand the league wants that kind of communication during the game and it’s hard for some coaches because they are thinking about their next play or change their lines when you have a little bit of a time during a timeout.”
  • On Marian Gaborik’s shoulder injury “He had a heck of a year for us this year, especially after the year he had last year. For him to come out to play 82 games, as injured as he was, and I didn’t know that until the playoffs was over. He has grown as a person and grown as a player. When he first came to us he wanted days off and he didn’t think he needed to practice all the time. High marks for him as far as what he did in the playoffs, I want to make sure that is understood. We are going to need him to get as healthy as possible as quickly as possible. And the other guys, the Callahan’s and the Richards and who knows what happens in free agency and the trade deadline, we are going to need people to come in there offensively.
  • On the shot blocking style the Rangers play being boring, “Totally understand that as far as what the fans want. I am hired to try and win hockey games and put in a concept to try and win hockey games. The league came in and made the zone bigger hoping that it would add more scoring, but what it has done is force teams to not chase to the points and instead fall back into the seams. Listen, we aren’t the only team that does this. I think we have a very willing team, probably more willing than most teams in the league and I think that is why we block more shots so that will continue. That is a part of defense. In 2004 with Tampa Bay, I believe we led the league in shot blocking in the playoffs then as well. So that is part of defense and part of trying to find a way to win a hockey game. When you are a coach and a player you are trying to win a hockey game so that isn’t changing in our concept. People moan and groan and we are not hear to please everybody, we are trying to win a hockey game and get where we want to be.