Recap: Henrik Lundqvist on the Michael Kay Show

Joined in progress for some reason and then cuts out when Kay starts talking about the Islanders and Pens

  • Hank says that he is thinking about the playoffs more and more as it gets closer, but when it comes to game time, the team is ready to play and play the “right way.”
  • On first place,” it’s more important to go down the stretch and play at a really good level and enter the playoffs with a good feeling in the locker room.”

  • On entering the playoffs not in first place, Hank says that the Rangers have had a good season, it’s in their hands and that there is nothing they could do about Pittsburgh closing the gap with their big winning streak.
  • “being number one, people will expect more from your team, but there are no easy games. It doesn’t matter who we play because it is going to be tough.”
  • Hank says that the Stanley Cup drives him and that he likes the ride to the cup and tries to enjoy the run to the playoffs. “you want to win the last game of the year.” “Winning championships back home, it was so exciting to be part of it.”
  • Hank says that he isn’t surprised with the youth on the blue line being successful. He calls McDonagh “a beast” and says that Del Zotto is very talented. He brings up how the players are pushing each other and bringing confidence into the room.
  • Hank says that everyone is trying to dress well now and when he joined the organization as a rookie that wasn’t always the case.
  • On which team he hates the most, Hank says that he has the same feeling about the Isles, Devs and Flyers and he likes the atmosphere so much because of all of the animosity between the teams an the fans.
  • On the Flyers, Hank says that the Rangers play simple against them and have gotten lucky in some tight games.
  • On being a rock star or a hockey player, Hank says that he can’t complain about being a hockey player but that the beauty of music is that you don’t have to be great to enjoy it. He says that he will probably have to retire from hockey in about ten years.
  • McEnroe beat Lundqvist badly in one match of tennis that they played.
  • On a potential meaningless game, Hank says that he needs to see the situation that takes place and see how he is feeling.