Read: Who To Root For Today

At 3PM, the Islanders take on the Jets in Winnipeg.

The Rangers, Islanders and Jets have all played 44 games.

  • The Rangers are in eighth place with 50 points.
  • The Islanders are in seventh place with 51 points.
  • The Jets are in ninth place with 48 points.

According to Sports Club Stats, the Rangers have a 92% chance of making the playoffs.

The Islanders have a 90.3% chance. The Jets have a 34.7% chance.

A win by Winnipeg over the Islanders would impact the playoff race in this way:

  • Regulation win: Rangers drop to 90%, Islanders drop to 80%, Jets move up to 50%
  • The Jets would tie the Rangers at 50 points, but the Rangers would once again have a game in hand.
  • OT- NYR: 88%, NYI:89%, WPG: 46.3% Shootout: NYR: 89%, NYI: 89%, WPG: 41.7%
  • The Jets would have 50 points, but the Rangers would have a game in hand. The Islanders would pick up one point and move to 52.

A win by the Islanders over Winnipeg would:

  • Regulation: Rangers move to 96%, Isles move to 99%, WPG drops to 15%
  • Isles move to 53 points but the Rangers have a game in hand, Jets stay at 48.
  • OT/SO win: Rangers move to 93%, Isles move to 98%, Jets drop to 24%
  • Winnipeg picks up 1 point and moves to 49. Isles move to 53.

Adam Rotter: Who to root for depends on what your preferences as a fan are. If your number one priority is the Rangers getting into the playoffs, then you want the Islanders to win in regulation.

If you want the Rangers to make the playoffs, but would also like to see the Islanders not make it, you want Winnipeg to win in regulation. Winnipeg winning in regulation puts all three times within a point of each other, though the Rangers will have a game in hand, but it once again gives the Rangers almost no margin for error.