Read: What Happens With The Draft

In the Edmonton Journal, Jim Matheson writes about what would happen with the NHL Draft if the season gets cancelled and there is no new CBA.

Matheson says that the draft is part of the CBA and if the NHL tried to implement one without a CBA the NHLPA would likely block it and try to declare all the players free agents.

He adds that if that were to happen then the league would likely see another situation like the one Justin Schultz put teams through this past summer before signing with Edmonton.

In 2005, the draft lottery was determined based on teams previous playoff experience and how many times over the past four years a team got the number one pick.

Teams started with 3 balls but lost 1 or 2 based on the criteria above. The Rangers, Blue Jackets, Sabres and Penguins all had the best chance to get the number one pick with 3 balls.

The Rangers ended up with the 16th pick but moved up to 12 to select Marc Staal.

The Rangers do not have a first round pick this year as it belongs to Columbus from the Rick Nash trade.