Read: Using Alexander Semin To Get More Offense

At, Dan Rosen wonders what team will sign Alexander Semin after he posted his worst season this past year with 21 goals and 54 points.

He notes “there are teams in need of offense (the Rangers?) that might bank on Semin becoming a 40-goal scorer again.”

In three of the last six seasons, Semin has been over 70 points. He scored 40 goals in 2009-10. In 2009, Semin had 14 points in 14 playoff games but only has 12 points in his last 30 playoff games.

Semin made $6.7 million last season in Washington.

When asked over the weekend whether you would sign Semin, 31.24% said YES, 42.4% said NO and 26.33% said ONLY AS A LAST RESORT.