Read: The Top Line Won’t Stay Together If No One Else Is Scoring

James ReimerThe Rangers top line of Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and Rick Nash has combined for 19 total points this season.

The Rest of the Rangers lineup, seven players, has a total of 18 points on the season.

John Tortorella said to the media earlier today, including SNY, that he wants to keep the line together but his hand may be forced, “It would be nice to keep that line together, but other guys need to get going. We can’t just rely on one line. I can’t get a dependency there because if they struggle we have no chance. We need to get other people going. That is my responsibility as a coach, I need to find a way to get some confidence back for those players and that may come from splitting up the top line.”

Tortorella added, “It’s a concern with balance. There are a number of people we need to get to play more consistently in all phases of the game. Some did the last game, but we still need more to create some balance.”

In terms of tinkering with his lines, John Tortorella said that he has done it his entire career and he isn’t going to stop now.