READ: The Rangers Can’t Let Ryan Callahan Go To Arbitration

At ESPN’s Expert Blog, Doug McIntyre writes about the Rangers remaining RFA’s and says that the Rangers can’t let Ryan Callahan go to arbitration.

McIntyre says that there is no update on any of the negotiations.

Callahan’s arbitration hearing is July 28th.

On June 30th,
it was reported that the Rangers and Callahan were “a ways apart.”

The Rangers have two weeks to get Callahan signed and I think that they will. It’s not in the Rangers best interest to go to battle with a player that means so much to the team. He is likely to be their next Captain and you don’t want to go through this process with a guy who came up through the system and has been the hardest working Ranger since he was called up.

A similar article was written over the weekend.