Read: The Idea of Adding More Playoff Teams and Trying To Keep Everyone In The Hunt

1/7/13: This is not going to happen, this season, or in the near future according to Puck Daddy.

1/4/13:The other day on twitter, Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet wrote “Although it hasn’t been brought up in negotiations both NHL NHLPA have had internal discussions on 4 more teams qualifying for playoffs.”

The next day on Hockey Central at Noon, Kypreos said that this wouldn’t be adding teams for another best of seven playoff round, but the league would could do this as a way to hook fans in.

Kypreos added “They want all 30 teams in the hunt going into the last week.

Doug MacLean says that this idea has been discussed for many years at GM and Board of Governor meetings for years.

Darren Millard tweeted “Personally I like the thought. Almost everyone should be in it until the end. Great way to get more fans and markets back.”

Kypreos has mentioned this idea before.

Puck Daddy writes that this would be a nice get for the TV Networks and the league sponsors.

63% of readers were against adding another round to the playoffs.


Now we go get a QB and hopefully another Guard.