Read: The High Expectations For This Team and Henrik Lundqvist

At ESPN New York, while writing about the Rangers making a run in the playoffs and taking over the city, Johnettte Howard writes:

The better the Rangers do, the more off the charts and even more unforgiving the 2012 playoff expectations for them are going to become.

That’s true for the entire team. But that’s especially true for Lundqvist.

In his career, Lundqvist is 15-20 in the playoffs with a GAA of 2.60.

Pierre LeBrun put Lundqvist in the Hart Trophy discussion at

Expectations are already high for this playoff run and while I think that as long as they battle into the second round people will be okay and understand that this team still needs some improvements. It’s next season though that will have the sky high expectations. This team was expected to do well, but not this well. Where they are now is not only an expectation but the floor of them. They will be expected to be better, dominate and be looked at in the same way that Vancouver, Boston and Detroit are looked at.

To me Henrik Lundqvist doesn’t have to prove anything. He has won a gold medal, won a championship in Sweden and carried the Rangers in the biggest games that they have played. I have full confidence that he can take this team down the Canyon of Heroes, but he still needs to show more in the playoffs in the eyes of some.