Read: The Big Guys Need To Take Charge

Throughout his time as Rangers coach, John Tortorella has often said that “your best players need to be your best players.”

Tortorella has made those comments already this season, following the Boston game where the Rangers best players propelled them to victory and last night when the Rangers top line only producing three shots.

In regards to the top line and the power play, Tortorella said last night “We are simply not getting enough big plays from our top guys in that situation.”

Adam Rotter: The Rangers have built a top-heavy team that relies on three guys to carry most of the offense. When those three guys aren’t going, creating offense or being stopped, the Rangers have a tough time scoring goals. The power play, which features a a top play making center and two of the best goal scorers in the NHL can’t get anything going. That has to change by tonight. The Rangers have too many options on their PP to struggle the way that they do.