Read: Glen Sather’s 10th Anniversary As Rangers GM

In the New York Daily News, Michael Obernauer writes about how TODAY is the 10th anniversary of Glen Sather taking over as President and GM of the Rangers.

…10 years! I don’t know if its hard to believe or not that its been that long but that is certainly a long time for someone who has only led the team to two playoff series wins in that time. His pre-lockout time was a disaster but did have the team, or Jaromir Jagr and Henrik Lundqvist had them, in the playoffs each of the four post lockout seasons until this past one.

That picture isn’t from his introductory press conference but I love the look that him and Bure give each other in this.  Click for higher resolution.

For such an occasion, I searched through the New York Times archives for stories on this and the Rangers pursuit of Sather to lead the team.

April 21st,2000 Jason Diamos wrote about the Rangers trying to lure Sather as his Oilers were on the verge of being eliminated.

April 25th, Sather insisted that he was staying in Edmonton for the final two years of his contract.

On May 3rd, Diamos reported that the window for Sather to use his escape clause was in mid-July. He also said that the Rangers had two in-house candidates for the position, Don Maloney and John Davidson.

…It should have been JD.

On May 10th, Diamos reported that Sather met with Dave Checketts, then the Garden President. Sather denied the meeting took place.


May 17th, The Rangers and Sather meet for a second time while Don Maloney is waiting to make his pitch to be the Rangers fearless leader. Sather denies once again meeting with the Rangers.

May 18th, Sather is set to leave the Oilers but also has the option of going to Phoenix to be their GM with Wayne Gretzky about to step into the organization.

…Now that would have changed hockey in two places dramatically for the past ten years.

May 19th, The Oilers are considering filing tampering charges against the Rangers for talking to Sather without written permission. Sather is speaking as if he will leave the Oilers to pursue new opportunities.

May 20th, Sather has resigned from the Oilers and calls himself “a free agent.” The race is on between the Rangers and Gretzky to see who will get Slats services.

May 21st, Sather is waiting to hear from the Rangers but is planning another meeting with them. The first mention of Kevin Lowe and/or Craig MacTavish coming to the Rangers is mentioned.

May 27th, The Rangers and Sather are expected to be very close on a deal for him to become the GM. Sather denies it.

May 30th, Wayne Gretzky tells JD that he told Sather to take on the role of Rangers GM:

”I really think that it would be good for both,” Gretzky said. ”New York needs a guy like Glen Sather. They need a guy with the reputation of being a champion, of being a winner.”

Also, Gretzky’s stake in the Coyotes and new ownership helped the team stave off a move to Portland, Oregon.

May 31st, Diamos says that the Rangers and Sather have signed a deal for the two to work together and an announcement is expected later in the week.

June 1st, Sather is to be introduced as GM of the team. Kevin Lowe is Sather’s choice to be coach and wanted the two to be introduced together. His deal is rumored to be five years at $15 million with Cablevision stock options.

June 1st, Joe Lapointe looks at the Sather deal two ways, Positive like acquiring Mark Messier in 1991, or Negative like bringing in Wayne Gretzky in 1996.

June 2nd, Sather is given complete control of the team and his rumored deal is now for seven years and over $20 million. Lowe is still looked at as being the head coach, but is also partial to following Sather as the Oilers GM. If Lowe doesn’t come to coach the Rangers, MacTavish is Sather’s next choice.

June 2nd, Legendary New York Times columnist Dave Anderson writes about Sather and the job he will have to undertake. He also has this quote from Checketts on why he wanted Sather:

”I wanted somebody who played here, who understood being here,” Checketts said of Sather. ”That was part of our problem. That’s why I sent Stephane Quintal home when he said he didn’t want to be here. Not enough respect to be a Ranger.”

June 4th, Lowe is expected to meet with the Oilers board see where his future lies. John Paddock is mentioned as a possible coach.

June 10th, Lowe is staying on as Edmonton GM and MacTavish is expected to take over as coach. Paddock, who led Hartford to the Calder Cup the season before is now the front runner for the job.

June 16th, Mike Keenan expresses interest in the Rangers head coaching position but Glen Sather wants Keenan to call him himself. Paddock and Walt Kyle are the front runners.

…I have this feeling that Keenan and Sather would not have worked out that well.

July 2nd, Mark Messier is expected to return after becoming a free agent and Ron Low is expected to be named head coach. Ted Green is brought in from Edmonton to be an assistant coach.

July 4th, Low is going to be announced as coach in the next week. Low also interviewed with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

July 6th, Keenan and Sather have spoken but Sather won’t decide on a coach yet. Claude Lemieux is a target of Sather in free agency.

….Eww. Claude Lemieux.

July 13th, Sather and Low admit to calling their predecessors, Neil Smith an John Muckler to get a feel for the team. Smith didn’t return Sather’s messages.



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