Read: Sean Avery Looks Like Guy From Avatar? (Update)

Update: 1:17PM:

Longtime reader Matthew Grauer claims that Patrick Marleau looks far more like Coach Eric Taylor than Chris Drury does.

He also sends along this old Sports Illustrated gallery of NHL celebrity look-a-likes.

Jason Pontillo also says Craig MacTavish and Ted Danson look-a-like

Update: 9:19AM: July 29th:

Reader Jim Kleban reminds us of a legendary Rangers look-a-like, Jerry Seinfeld and Doug Lidster.

…Very angry I forgot this one.

There is a real lack of good Doug Lidster pictures so that is the best I could come up with. Look at the Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup Picture and you will wonder why Seinfeld is in it.

Original Post:

At, while asking for fans and readers to send in their favorite celebrity look-a-likes, they write and show that Sean Avery resembles actor Sam Worthington who was in Avatar.

…I see it, though Worthington does have a beard in his picture. Same face structure, nearly the same hair.

My favorite all time Rangers related look-a-like is Chris Drury and Kyle Chandler, aka, Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights.

I have literally been waiting years to add this to a post. So glad it finally happened

Picture is after the jump