Read: Paging Sean Avery

Update: 11:35: Craig Custance has some more on Avery over at The Sporting News

Original Post: In the New York Post, Larry Brooks looks at Sean Avery and his disappearing pest act that has endeared him to so many.

The Avery that New York has come to know and embrace has been missing, replaced by a low-profile imposter who could be just about anyone but isn’t someone the Rangers particularly need.

…There were all these stories that have come out about Avery keeping his temper in check and his entering of therapy. I don’t think that has anything to do with this, but it is at least something to consider.

John Tortorella told Brooks that the coaching staff isn’t holding him back and that Sean needs to play effective if the team is going to win:

“His job is to get there and it’s my job to let him know when he goes over the edge. That’s been the arrangement we’ve had from the start. And Sean knows what we want and expect from him. We have had meeting after meeting about this. We’ve had umpteen of them. He definitely should know.”

Read the whole story in the New York Post.

…I have always gone back and forth on Avery to the point that I didn’t think he should have been brought back to the team under Tom Renney’s coaching rule. Torts came in and did what I hoped and thought he would do, bench Avery in the playoffs for taking penalties.

I think Avery, if used right, can be immensely important to the team. It has shown in the past what he can do for the team but he needs to know how to do it the right way for this to work out.

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