Read: Another Media Members Is Angry At John Tortorella

Dean Brown, via Puck Daddy, is the latest member of the Canadian media to go on a rant about how John Tortorella handles his media esponsibilities during the playoffs.

Brown writes that it might be time for the media to walk out on Tortorella as he tends to do to them and that the people hit the hardest by Tortorella’s “childish and unprofessional manor” are the fans:

“Like it or not, the media is the conduit to the fans.  If you treat the media this way you are snubbing and disrespecting the fans of the game.  That is unacceptable.”

56% of readers said that they don’t care about about what Tortorella does as long as they win.

41% of readers said that Tortorella’s actions with media don’t bother them.

1.87% said that they are bothered by Tortorella