Read: John Tortorella Needs Some Of His Players To “Play”

TortorellaLast night on MSG, John Tortorella continued to speak about how some of his players are not “playing” right now.

On the game itself, Tortorella said, “I’m happy that we got a point. I still don’t think our full lineup is playing. We gotta keep grinding until we get people playing and get points when we can.”

Sam Rosen then asked about the power play and while Tortorella said that it has been “okay” the past few games, he continued “we still don’t have enough guys playing. We get a point so we gotta keep grinding away until we get our team going.”

Ron Duguay then said that Torts isn’t happy with his whole team and, “some players are going, some guys are not. Guys are not connecting or playing with a lot of confidence.”