Read: Jarome Iginla Says It’s Time To Make The Nets Bigger

In the latest issue of The Hockey News, Jarome Iginla says that the time has come for the NHL to make the nets bigger by a few inches on each side.

He says that he was a traditionalist until the last few years when bigger goalies and bigger equipment limited the space a player has to shoot at.

“In today’s NHL, if you go down the wing trying to shoot the puck, you basically don’t see any net. You might see a very little bit of it around the goalie’s head, so all you wind up doing is blasting it and hoping it goes somehow through him. But beating a goalie to the far corner like players used to do? That’s just gone. That’s not there.”

Iginla notes that the in basketball they added a three point line and in baseball they changed the height of the pitchers mound and that the time is now to change the net. “To me, the traditionalist argument is a little old when 6-5 goalies are the norm, not the exception.”