Read: It Should Be Rangers-Red Wings In 2012 Winter Classic

At Fanhouse, Chris Botta writes that next seasons winter classic should take place at the University of Michigan football field and include the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers.

Botta writes that the Rangers are going to be in a Winter Classic soon and will most likely need to be the visiting team because of the College Football Game at Yankee Stadium. For Citi Field, Botta writes that the sightlines aren’t ideal for outdoor hockey.

…I think the Red Wings host this game next year, at the Big House, but do it against the Colorado Avalanche who are loaded with young talent and the rivalry from the 90’s can be brought back.

As I wrote yesterday,  I think the Rangers will play the Flyers at Lincoln Financial Field either in 2013, if there is no lockout, or in 2014. I think these games are best to be based around rivalries from the past and while the Rangers and Wings are Original Six rivals, a team like Colorado can better fit that for the Wings and the Flyers certainly for the Rangers.

Also, would the Rangers need to create a white version of their Heritage jersey for this, or do you think they would go with another jersey?