Read: Is The NCAA The Better Option For JT Miller?

At Hockey Buzz, Julie Robenhymer writes that choosing the OHL over the North Dakota and the NCAA’s may not be the best thing for JT Miller’s development.

She calls Miller a “heck of a player” and says that the OHL may not be challenging enough for him.

Robenhymer cites North Dakota’s program and pedigree for breeding NHL players as things that could have benefited Miller.

Ryan Bourque said that the junior hockey route is preferable because of it’s similarity to the pro game.

She mentions that Miller could sign with the Rangers and play in Hartford because he wasn’t drafted from the CHL into the NHL, so if that is possible, he could end up in Hartford this season. I think that is unlikely though and that he will play in Plymouth. If Miller isn’t challenged in Plymouth this season, and that would hopefully mean that he dominates, he will play in Hartford next season and start his pro hockey career then.