Read: How Montreal Sweet Talked Brandon Prust Into Playing There

In the Montreal Gazette, Dave Stubbs writes about how the Canadians were able to lure Brandon Prust away from the Rangers.

Prust signed a four-year deal with Montreal worth $10 million on July and had coach Michel Therrien and Scott Mellanby come to his parents his in Ontario where Prust was spending some time.

Stubbs writes “Therrien and Mellanby didn’t bring a contract, but rather a philosophy of where the Habs were and where they were going, and why they believed that Prust, who was spending some time with his folks, could be an important cog in the machine the Canadiens were constructing.”

He adds that they also brought Prust a Habs jersey with his name and the number “8” on it.

Prust notes that Montreal promised him a third line role but also some chances on the second line and on the second PP.

80% of readers said that they are happy the Rangers didn’t match the offer for Prust.

John Tortorella said over the summer that he wasn’t a fan of the things that Montreal promised Prust and that he told him that.