Read: Hockey News Picks Rangers To Finish 13th

The Hockey News has picked the Rangers to finish this season in 13th place in the Eastern Conference.

It is the same position they picked the Rangers to finish in last season. The Rangers finished in 9th place last season, one point out of the playoffs.

….The logic in their prediction is brutal. I mean, no offense, but picking the Rangers to finish 13th because “you’ll be hard-pressed” to find people who believe Marian Gaborik will be healthy for a second season in a row?

Of course if something, god forbid, happened to Gaborik, the Rangers would be in a tough spot, but that shouldn’t be the only logic in placing them there. I have no beef with where they put them; it’s lower than where I believe they will finish, but it’s their opinion. It’s the backing of their opinion that bothers me.