Read: Garnet Exelby Has The Erik Christensen Mentality

The Rangers have invited former Atlanta Thrashers and Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Garnet Exelby to training camp after his previous three year contract expired this past summer.

Exelby understands, like Erik Christensen did last season, that this could be his last chance at an NHL position

“I’m playing for keeps. That’s pretty much the only way I can look at it. As soon as we get into it, I’m going to be going like my job and future depends on it, and I think it does.”

…I like Exelby and what he could potentially bring to the Rangers. He has toughness and while the Rangers added that up front, they still need more of it on the back line. I think his value needs to be matched up against the value of Alexei Semenov or Steve Eminger who he is probably battling against for that seventh defenseman spot. Exelby only had a one-way deal the last time so I don’t know if he would take a two-way which I would bet would assure him of a contract. The two way deal would pay him a lot less at the AHL level, but surely he will be summoned with his NHL experience when someone is needed or someone gets hurt. A top line pairing of Wade Redden and Garnet Exelby would have to give Hartford a pretty solid top defense pair.