Read: Derick Brassard says he is 100% and will play tomorrow (Update)

Derick Brassard2PM: Brassard said today (Rangers) :

  • “It’s just a precaution yesterday, I felt great today, I feel 100% for tomorrow.”
  • “There is no question in my mind, it’s just precaution. The day off that I kind of had yesterday to get off the ice helped me get to 100% and I am going to try and help the team win some games.”
  • “Not really, the two days off that we had were good for the team to get away from the game and the rink a little bit. I think it’s just a matter of resting before the game tomorrow and I feel 100% so I am just ready to go.”
  • Did something tweak it, “no, not at all. You go through a season and battle injuries, everyone does and it’s a long season and it’s why I think we got those two days off. Probably three days ago I was not 100% but the last two days I am 100% and that is what counts. I want to be ready to play tomorrow.”
  • On Mason not playing, “For us it doesn’t matter if it’s Mason or Emery, they are both good goalies, Steve had a good season but I think Emery is a goalie that has shown in the past that he can play in the playoffs. For us we focus on how we want to play and it doesn’t really matter who will be in net for them.”

1:51PM: Brassard said that everything with his back has been a precaution and that getting off the ice yesterday allowed him to get to 100%. (NY Post)

12:18PM: Derick Brassard said after practice that he is 100% and there is no doubt in his mind that he will play tomorrow. (John Giannone)

Brassard said that he is dealing with a lingering issue and trying to rest. He says that leaving practice early was a coaches decision and and that he could have finished. (Andrew Gross and Steve Zipay)