Read: Could/Would The Rangers Break Ranks To Strike A Deal

In the Daily News, Pat Leonard writes that with the Rangers in the middle of their window to win a Stanley Cup, they may want to think about using their power and clout within in the league to try and broker a deal between the two sides quickly.

Leonard writes “The Rangers command the respect of an Original Six franchise and have the ear of the league and fellow front offices. Though the franchise could weather a lockout financially, hopefully the Rangers would use their influence to pull other owners off Bettman’s hard line in the event a cancelled season appeared likely.”

Adam Rotter: The Rangers and the NHL have had their issues as the Rangers sued the league over marketing and use of their website in 2007, so there is a bit of a precedence for them breaking rank. James Dolan doens’t appear to be that heavily involved in the NHL talks, he was on the NBA negotiating committee but was upset at how long it took a deal to be done, but did say last week that he just wants his team to play hockey.