Read: Brandon Dubinsky on the Eastern Conference and Metro Division

Brandon Dubinsky Beat UpOn the day that he signed his contract extension Brandon Dubinsky said that when he looks at the Eastern Conference, he sees a tight race but no team that really jumps out. He says “maybe” Boston or Pittsburgh though he believes Columbus could have beaten the Pens.(Dispatch)

He said that the closeness of all the teams is what will make the season so exciting and that the Metro division is a little “incestuous” with all the player movement from team to team. Dubinsky says that the Rangers games have connections, Pittsburgh and Columbus have a new rivalry and now the Scott Hartnell for RJ Umberger trade between Philly and Columbus. (Dispatch)

He says that there will be a lot of games that “carry weight” this season.  (Dispatch)

Dubinsky said last week that losing the Penguins left a biter taste in the mouth of the Blue Jackets, “As much as everyone wants to call the season a success for us, the players in the locker room felt like we could have beat Pitt and if we beat them we would have played New York and I fancy our chances against New York as well, or I would have, but we will never know what was going to happen.” (TSN Drive)