Read: All About The Money For Ilya Kovalchuk, Islanders Interested


Darren Dreger says that the consensus is that Kovalchuk will end up with the Kings at some point.

Update:7:48AM: July 3rd:

Helene Elliot writes that Kovalchuk might be close to finalizing a deal with the Islanders that would pay him $9 or $10 million per season.


Katie Strang of Newsday spoke to Garth Snow about this.


Botta says that the Isles have been pursuing Kovalchuk since the start of free agency.


Darren Dreger says that he has heard the Isles’ offer could be 10 years at $10 million per season.

…I made a similar prediction that Kovalchuk could sign with the Isles for $100 million here, but it was in a joking manner.

Previously, the Isles had interest in Kovy, and then not.

Each time I thought he was perfect for the Isles, and that hasn’t changed.

Update: 10:37PM:

Chris Botta writes that he recieved information telling him that the Isles are planning to make a big push to get Kovalchuk.

…Just because the Isles are interested doesn’t mean that Kovalchuk is — that point needs to be made. Now, the money is there, and while the Isles are a team on the rise, they aren’t a Cup contender this year. Hell, they may not make the playoffs this year without Kovalchuk. If he is all about money, he will go to the Islanders and spin it as a team on the rise that he can grow with and win with.

If he wants to win now, he will lower his price and be playing somewhere else.


…I don’t doubt that the Isles are involved and willing to go for it with Kovalchuk, but I wonder if Snow knows already that he won’t sign there and this is just a move to show a commitment to winning and going after big players.

Remember, Marian Hossa turned down $9 million a year for 9 years from Edmonton.

Dreger follows up his earlier tweet, saying that Charles Wang needs more star power to get the traction for his new arena.


…A HA.

It only makes a ton of sense to put him on the same team with John Tavares, reach the salary floor and instantly regain credibility for a franchise that is a little bit in limbo. This is the type of move that would maybe get the Isles closer to getting the Lighthouse or something else. This is a commitment if they really go for it with Kovalchuk.

Original Post: 10:45PM

According to Helene Elliott of the LA Times, Ilya Kovalchuk is reportedly asking for $10 million per season over 10 years from the Los Angeles Kings.

A price the Kings don’t want to pay.

…If it is money you seek Ilya, the KHL is waiting. You turned down that deal from the Atlanta Thrashers that would have given you this money, and now you are almost certainly not going to get it.

Would be very interesting if Garth Snow called up and offered that deal to Kovalchuk and his reps. If they are the only ones offering the money, wouldn’t he have to take it? Or would he, like many others, spurn the Isles and take less money somewhere else?

The more this drags on, the better the odds for the KHL.