Read: Alexei Semenov Has A Deal If He Makes The Team

Last training camp Alexei Semenov made the Rangers, signed a contract and then left to play in Russia. The Rangers have re-invited Semenov to training camp starting this Friday and according to Rangers GM Glen Sather, who told the team’s website, if Semenov makes the cut, he will have a contract waiting:

I have talked to his agent all summer, and we have pretty much agreed on a deal if he makes the team. I wouldn’t expect that he’s going to go anywhere else if he does make it, but it’s up to him. I don’t blame somebody for trying to do something that helps his family situation. There was two or three times as much money in Russia for him, and it didn’t hurt our hockey club when he left. I think he would have been a help to us, but he was doing what he had to do for his family.

…I disagree, I think it did hurt the club when he left, and certainly would have helped and given them another defenseman throughout the whole season. Semenov and Garnet Exelby are both playing for one spot most likely, unless one accepts a two way deal and its an under the radar matchup to keep an eye on. I would guess Semenov has the upper hand, pending they play equal, because he apparently already has a deal.