Read: A Coach’s Challenge Could Be Coming To The NHL

At, Dan Rosen spoke with Mike Murphy, the NHL SVP of Hockey Operations, who said that a coach’s challenge could be coming to the NHL.

Florida GM Dale Tallon has brought up that topic at GM Meetings before and is believed to be doing so again when the GM’s meet next month.

Murphy said “I think that there is a real possibility it could happen, but you’d have to sit down with a group of smart people and you’d have to go through just about every type of play you’d want to allow a challenge for. It can’t be used as a tactic. That’s a concern. It has to be a legitimate play that has been defined into the coach’s challenge rule. Mainly, it’s goals.”

During Hotstove on HNIC over the weekend, Glenn Healy spoke about how five GMs and five prominent players should sit down over the summer and discuss the topics that should be available for review.

At 30 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman writes that some GM’s want there to be some kind of penalty called for an incorrect challenge, such as in football when you lose a timeout.

Another issue, he writes, is the definite criteria for a challenge, “let’s say you can challenge an offside. If the other team goes right in and scores, no problem. But, let’s say after the missed offside, the offensive team cycles the puck for 25 seconds and then puts it in. Should that still be reviewable? Some guys say no. It’s hard to get all the GMs to agree.”