Quotes: Torts On Breakup Day

John Tortorella met with the press for over a half an hour today and spoke on mnay of the burning issues that faced him and the team.

On the incident that led to his suspension

“My thing … it’s a bad mistake by me. I regret it. I think I put the New York Ranger organization in an embarrassing situation. I’m embarrassed by it. I am an intense person, which is a positive, but it also turns into a negative sometimes, and that turned into a negative for us. And I regret it. I didn’t want to talk about it the other day because I didn’t want it to be more of a distraction than it needed to be. Was it a distraction? Of course it was. How much it played into that next game, I don’t know, because I thought we played a good first period and I know I had capable coaches on that bench in Schoney.

On Sean Avery being benched

“There’s a misperception about Sean and I. We get along great. We’re very honest with each other and we were after (Game 4). I would (sit him) again, for the short term and the long term. It was building up. I know that guy wants to help this team win. He’s not treated fairly in this league, as far as on-the-ice stuff that happens, but he cares. He cares.”

On the younger players on the roster

“The way I look at us right now, I think we’ve got a good group of young guys. And when you have some young guys, there’s a window as far as putting people around them. I look at Cally (Ryan Callahan), I leaned on him, big-time. And he got tired as the series went on. I saw Dubi (Brandon Dubinsky) go this way (points his arm upward) as the series went on. I looked at Marc Staal and Danny Girardi, they fluctuated at times. That’s exciting.

On the team and who he wants back next season

“I have a pretty good idea of what’s here now. I don’t know the minor leagues. Jimmy and Glen have been great explaining to me … I don’t even know how to pronounce his name — I call him Artie (Anisimov). I liked the way he played in Game 7. I don’t think he was nervous. It’s a big body. I’m anxious to see him in camp.

“But as far as the people on the roster, I have a pretty good idea — and remember, I’m the coach, I’m not the manager of this team and I dom’t have all the figures as far as cap and what the contracts are — but as a coach I have a pretty good idea of what people are, who I’d like to keep and who I’d like to change.”

“To be honest, I can go through that roster and say, ‘He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone, I want him,’ You can do that as a coach, but it’s not that simple. You have cap problems, you have contracts that are here. Do you have any people that want to trade with you? I’ll go out on a limb and say, ‘Does Glen Sather want to change this team?’ You’re damn right he does. He knows some change needs to be made.”

Quotes courtesy of Newsday and the Journal News.