Quote: They Wanted Us Out Of The Way

On Thursday, John Tortorella said that he wanted his team to be on the bench when the Penguins were raising their Stanley Cup Banner out of respect to the trophy and to have the young players see it.

However, when the ceremony started last night, The Rangers bench was empty:

“I think it would have done our young guys good to see the Cup on the ice and watch the ceremony, but it was longer than I thought it was going to be, so it wasn’t right for us,” Tortorella said. “Plus, I don’t think [the Penguins] wanted us there.

“They kind of wanted us out of the way.”

The ceremony included the Stanley Cup, Mario Lemieux and commissioner Gary Betteman.

…I liked the idea of them sitting on the bench during it but watching it in the locker room when it was happening a few feet away must still hold some effect to it.

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