Quote: Semenov Shows He Can Play

28 year old Alexei Semenov has been in training camp with the Rangers on a try-out basis.

The 6-6 defenseman got his shot to try-out when Kyle McLaren couldn’t make it to camp because of injury.

Fighting for the last spot on defense, Semenov thinks he has shown enough to warrant a contract from the Rangers.

“I showed I can play and be a difference,” said the 6-foot-6, 245-pound Semenov, who played for the Sharks the previous two seasons. “I made some good hits out there.”

The only other defenseman in contention for the sixth spot is 19 year old Michael Del Zotto. Del Zotto can play up to nine games before his contract kicks in, otherwise he has to be sent back to juniors.

While Del Zotto has all the promise, its still a safer bet to with Semenov back there. Del Zotto’s offensive game looks about ready but his defensive game still needs some work attached to it.

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