Quote: Sean Avery’s Play

In the midst of the Rangers recent struggle, one player who has gone a little unnoticed in his slipped play, is Sean Avery. Larry Brook’s in today’s New York Post, writes this about Avery, in regards to the Rangers being physical:

The wild card up front, of course, is Sean Avery, but No. 16 now seems to be wearing self-imposed shackles, apparently fearful of incurring the wrath of either the officials or the head coach should he engage in the extra-curricular chippiness that both sets him apart.

For more, read the New York Post.

…Avery just seems a little slow out there. Not in his speed sense, but he doesn’t seem like he is playing the same way as he has previously. With the talk of taking less penalties, Avery may have cut back his aggression or style a little bit. He certainly doesn’t want to get under John Tortorella’s skin and run any risk of not playing. Avery does have six points on the season, but seemingly like everyone else on the Rangers, they haven’t come in recent games.

Avery needs to raise his game in a way that doesn’t have him in the penalty box or the Tortorella dog house.



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